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Reactions to “What’s the best programming language to learn for test automation?”

Previously I wrote what I thought about the best programming language to learn for test automation.

Spoilers: I picked Python.

I posted links to that article on a test automation discussion site. People also posted links to the article on social media.

A couple of reactions on Twitter:

Mark and Brian raise valid counterpoints. Of course, the real answer is always “It depends!”

An expert knows exactly the right tool to select because they have experience to inform that choice. A beginner has almost no experience and their choices are arbitrary.

Sometimes a beginner becomes so overwhelmed by the number of choices, they become paralyzed with indecision. For a beginner, it’s often far more important to get clear direction and get some small victories under their belt. It’s about gaining momentum.

For a beginner, any choice is perfectly fine as long it gets them started. Once a beginner learns one programming language, picking up the next one will be easier.

It’s kind of like the old saying about exercise: “Which exercise is the best? The one you will do.”